5 Reasons Why A Car May Fail To Start 

If you want to go home from work and your car won’t start, there might be various reasons. Nonetheless, this will cause you more trouble if your office is too far from your home. Oftentimes when your car fails to start, the problem may be an easy fix with the help of a car towing service or a roadside assistance. Jump start car service from Vegas car towing would like to present some of the frequent causes of why a car may fail to start. 

Car May Fail To Start 

Dead Car Battery 

A dead car battery is one of the most frequent causes why a car fails to start. It is more likely that this kind of situation happens to you before or somehow on your driving journey. A dead battery is easy for any driver to discover. Why? When a driver turns the key on and nothing happens, it can be a sign of a dead battery.  

Your Car Has a Broken Ignition Switch 

Broken ignition switch can be another reason why a car fails to start. A driver should recognize this when the instrument panel from the switch won’t light up when turning the key on. If you do the inspection and performed all the battery tests, such as turning on the lights, rolling windshield wipers, and they all work, then it’s more likely not the battery. This can really be an issue with the ignition switch that may require a mechanical expert to inspect and repair the damage found.  

Your Car Has a Bad Starter 

Starter motors are a vital component of a car to make it start. It is used to rotate the engine to initiate the car to move. A bad starter may be a cause of poor maintenance or it just needs a replacement. But this problem may also be a cause of a dead battery.  

Your Car Ran Out of Gas 

This is one of the common problems a driver encounter on a daily basis. If you are a driver you know this. Running out of gas may be a normal thing for any driver but this should not be taken lightly. Sometimes people lose sight of their car fuel level and will just realize it when the car stopped moving. But you don’t have to worry too much because there is a roadside assistance you can depend on.  

Clogged Fuel Filter 

We know that every car has a fuel filter. And oftentimes, the reason a car won’t start is that its fuel filter is clogged. Every driver should know that over a period of time, their fuel filter will need to be changed. If not changed, it will also affect the car engine and will further add damage to your car.  

The reason people tend to neglect this kind of problem is that maybe this is just a minor thing to handle. But oftentimes, these mistakes can cause you big trouble. It is important to regularly inspect your car to have a safe and long-lasting drive.